JEROD DAVIES aka DTOX is a multifaceted self-taught artist raised in Dallas, Texas by way of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Coming from a long line of visual artists in his immediate family Jerod moves comfortably between styles and excels naturally at his use of color and ornate application. His passionate approach at creating art is fueled by a deeply-rooted attraction for unconventional beauty. Heavily influenced by texture, his style is virtually impossible to categorize yet easy to describe,  bold portraits, believable and surreal, direct yet ornate with a vibrant sarcasm . With a unique gift for marrying technology driven themes with old world grace his works are a delight to behold yet easy to embrace. Jerod's intimate grasp of technology and nature pushes his work forward year after year. 

One of his goals is to be a world-class body-painter and  in 2011 after competing in the NORTH AMERICAN BODY PAINT CHAMPIONSHIPS he placed 7th in the top ten national rankings. Best known for painting LIVE over-sized murals on site before event is finished keeps him in demand. Jerod is also the founder of THE JUST-US LEAGUE the Dallas freestyle art squad, a group of volunteer artists who raise money for charitable causes in DALLAS, TEXAS by creating communal works of art together.  


Jean Paul Gaultier, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Mavericks, Erykah Badu, Randy Jackson, American Airlines, DreamWorks Studios, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Modelo Especial, USO, National Flight Museum, George Bush Presidential Library, Stanley Korshak, Stonleigh Hotel, The Crescent Hotel, Shelby Cobra.


Bring your ideas to life.

The benefit of custom artwork is getting exactly what you want. Have a favorite memory or reoccurring dream that you want to finally manifest visually? Describe it to me and I will bring it to life.
Contact me for consultation.


Reach your audience.

A live painter does what few can, illustrate the message that is being told, as it happens, in an exciting and progressive way. Instilling your message to your captive audience on a whole new level. Make your next speech memorable. Hire a live painter!


A cool patriotic interpretation of the flag for my friends at MASH'D in San Antonio, Texas.

A live body paint demo at the DTOX ART Pop-up art show at Whippersnappers in Dallas, Texas.